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Ignore These Ten Easy Fixes When Searching for Your Dream Home

Searching for a home that suits both your dreams and your budget can be a daunting task. The house hunt is certainly exciting, and beautiful homes abound, but many home buyers miss out on great opportunities by focusing on buying their perfect forever home “as is”. What a large number of buyers don’t realize is that many of their initial dislikes can be fixed easily. Such easy cosmetic fixes should not be deal breakers! Hopefully, we can make your next home buying experience a little easier. Here’s our list of top features to ignore when searching for a new house.

Dated Fixtures
It’s easy to walk into a house and immediately recognize the horrid metallic pink chandelier in the living room, but it’s almost as easy to replace it. Fixtures are one of the first things people notice when they walk into your home, but they shouldn’t make your home buying decision for you! Switching out your fixtures is a small fix that can make a huge difference.

Poor Furniture Choices

Any great realtor will tell you that rearranging the furniture in your home can make all the difference in the world for buyers. After all, certain arrangements feel open and inviting and make a house feel like a home. However, try not to let a good house pass you by because the opposite is true. There is no doubt that ugly furniture (and bad arrangements) can make rooms feel small, and hide key features of a house. When you walk into each house, try to picture your own furniture, and ignore the oversized sectional that takes up the entire den!

Less Than Desirable Wallpaper
Do you remember the lime green floral wallpaper from your childhood bedroom? Well, some kid out there still loves that color, and it may still be on the wall of what is otherwise your dream home. Funky patterns, textures, and colors can certainly change your perception of a room or even an entire house. However, wallpaper is another easy fix and shouldn’t dissuade buyers from an otherwise delightful home. Use your imagination to envision the wall of your choice!

Unkempt Landscaping
Picture this: after searching online for your perfect kitchen/master suite combination you finally find the perfect house but later that day you arrive to a jungle of a front yard. There’s no doubt that an overgrown yard can do major damage to your first impression of a house. However, don’t let tall grass and overgrown ferns overrule your decision-making process. Landscaping may not sound like an “easy” fix, but it certainly doesn’t always require the expertise or cost of professional help. A few afternoons with your lawnmower, wheelbarrow, and a few shovels should get you back on track to your dream home!

Bold Paint
While this fix may seem obvious, an orange and black striped bedroom can certainly provide an uncomfortable first impression. However, painted walls fall into the same general fixer-upper family as wallpaper. While they cover a lot of space and make a big impression, they can certainly be fixed. All you need are a few cans of paint, some brushes, and good background music to change the complexion of your new home.

Over the Top Themes

When searching for a house, it’s important to recognize that most important features are contained in the “bones” of the property. The nautical theme in the dining room or the Mickey Mouse game room may not be what you’re looking for, but remember that those themes will leave with the current owner. While decorations may make envisioning your own themes in the room a little more difficult, don’t let quirky theme rooms distract you from the beautiful high ceilings, hardwood floors, crown molding, or other great features a house offers.

Bad Lighting
Make no mistake; lighting is a big concern in any house. After all, how can you appreciate a house if the lighting keeps key features dim or dark? However, lighting is another easy fix that makes a big difference. Add some new lamps, reposition fixtures, or even buy more powerful bulbs to completely change the complexion of any room. While lighting can certainly lead to a dim first impression, it’s no reason to pass on your next home!

Ugly Ceilings

Everyone knows what popcorn ceilings look like, but does anyone really know how they became a trend in the first place? While popcorn ceilings are still common in older homes, it’s increasingly uncommon to find a buyer who wants to keep them. Luckily, shaving that popcorn texture down to a more subdued look is a pretty easy fix. The same goes for other funny textures, paint colors, decorations, or even glow-in-the-dark stars left behind by an aspiring astronaut. Try your best to turn a blind eye to these common ceiling issues; they can be gone in no time!

Simple Hardware Changes
Doors, cabinets, and drawers define the look of many rooms throughout a house, notably kitchens and bathrooms. While cabinets are definitely a big deal, certain aspects don’t have to be. You can spruce up older looking cabinets or drawers with a quick hardware fix. Feel free to exchange plastic knobs with sleek stainless or classic iron hardware to establish a new style in the room, or to match the appliances. The same goes for doors. If the classic gold knob look doesn’t match your style, trade them out for something that does!

Old Carpet

While The Brady Bunch has not aired a new episode in a few decades, you may be surprised that some families still emulate the styles of the 70’s in their homes. This is particularly true when you stumble across hidden gems like oddly colored shag carpet covering the floor (or stairs). While the burnt orange plush in the dining room may make a home feel outdated, carpet is easily replaced or upgraded. Use the ugly old carpet as a bargaining chip in your favor, then use the money you save to select the new carpet of your choice, or even install new hardwood floors!

As you can see, many of the features that catch your eye when walking into a house can be easily improved or changed! When searching for your home, try to focus on the bones of the house itself and look past unique cosmetic features. As always, our experienced agents can be your best resource for recognizing which features to focus on and which to ignore when searching for your dream home!


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