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7 Surprising Upgrades that Add Tons of Value to Your Home

In the era of HGTV and DIY, homeowners have plenty of ideas for home renovation at their disposal. But just how many home upgrades will pay off if you plan to eventually sell your home? While most good changes will add some value to your home, certain surprising and simple upgrades might pay off more than you would expect.

Introduce New Shutters

Not only do windows and shutters add aesthetic appeal to your home, but they also complement your interior lighting with options for controlling the amount of natural light you allow in. Naturally, this can help you use less electricity in the winter by utilizing the light, and in the summer by blocking out the heat it generates. Further, you would be shocked at the difference a quality set of shutters makes in any room. Nice shutters, and plantation shutters, in particular, are sought after by homebuyers and will make it clear that you have attempted to keep your home up to date.

Install Built-in Speakers

When it comes to selling your home, certain upgrades can really make your house stand out from the rest. Built-in speakers add a modern touch that leaves home buyers wondering why speaker systems aren’t standard issue in new homes. The cohesiveness of sound throughout your home creates the perfect atmosphere for parties, game days, or everyday tasks! The beauty of this upgrade is that while it is relatively straightforward, most people wouldn’t take it on by themselves, meaning the value of the project lies in both the manpower and the system itself. As such, your extra effort will lead to extra value in the long run!

Add an Outdoor Living Space

Over the past few years, Americans have engaged in a noticeable shift back towards enjoying down time outside. The restaurant industry is a particularly pertinent example as you may have noticed the recent influx of patios and outdoor seating areas at the newest and hippest restaurants. This trend has spilled over into residential real-estate as outdoor living areas have become highly desirable features which will help your home sell quickly and for a great price.

Invest in a Sprinkler System

Anyone who lives in South Central Texas knows the importance of consistently watering your yard, and of keeping up with particular watering days in the summer. Each of those reasons causes home buyers to greatly value built-in sprinkler systems. Not only do sprinkler systems cut down on the hassle of pulling a sprinkler and hose around the yard, but can help cut down on waste when used and set correctly!

Get New Front Door

One of the most noticeable items on the list, you might be surprised at how a new front door can transform your home in more ways than one! First of all, a new door can certainly add some pop to the front of your house. In fact, in many circumstances, a new door can change the entire curbside complexion and feel. After all, walking through the front door is a visitor’s first impression! Secondly, a new door can help improve your insulation and energy efficiency by a surprising amount. Many older doors weren’t designed with efficiency in mind, and a new door (particularly an aluminum one) can certainly help you gain value in more ways than one!

Update the Garage Door

Similar to a new front door, a new garage door can make a big difference to the complexion of your home. Not only does the upgrade look better, and sound smoother, but garage doors are not quite as expensive as you might anticipate. Further, garage doors are a commonly worn out feature that can make a big negative impression if not replaced when needed. After all, who wants to buy a house with a dented and stained garage door? On the flip side, a brand new garage door makes your house look well cared for and new!

Put in New Bathroom Fixtures

There is no doubt that a full bathroom renovation will increase the value of your home, but if you don’t want to take on a full project simply replacing your fixtures will give you quite a bit of bang for your buck. Switch out old towel holders, faucets, and light fixtures to change the complexion of your bathrooms. These simple swaps will make it feel as if every bathroom in the house has been upgraded, instead of just one. As a result, your home will look newer, more elegant, and even more expensive to prospective buyers.

At the end of the day, any upgrade to your home should be something the family can enjoy for as long as you live there. However, once you outgrow your current home, make sure to call one of our great agents to help you maximize your value!


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