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First time buyers

The Advantages of Owning a Home

Although buying a home may not be right for everyone, the advantages can be eye-opening.

Home Buying Timeline

There are multiple steps in the home buying process, and the more of them you are aware of the smoother the process will be.

First Time Home Buyer? Here’s What to Expect

The learning curve of a first-time homebuyer can be overwhelming, and it may be difficult to know exactly what to expect.

I Want to Buy My First Home, But is the Timing Right?

Home ownership is a big decision that requires careful thought from anyone, especially a first-time buyer. If you are a first-time buyer, these are some indicators that can clarify if the timing is right for you.

Your Guide to the Texas Homestead Tax Break

If the financial burden of buying a home has you running for the hills, you might want to think again – especially if you live in Texas. As rent prices continue to rise across the nation, buying a home in Corpus Christi can be a more affordable option for many. And while homeownership does come with its costs, like maintenance, repairs, and taxes, it’s probably not as expensive as you might think. In fact, the state makes sure of that! Thanks to what’s called the “Homestead Exemption,” Texas residents can catch a serious break on their property taxes – just for simply owning a home.

Attention North Houston Homebuyers: Here’s What You Should Know About Home Appraisals

Many people confuse a home appraisal with a home inspection. While both of these services are designed to evaluate a property before a buyer purchases it, the two serve very different purposes.

What is an Interest-rate Lock?

Because mortgage rates can fluctuate often, it is important to understand what an interest rate lock is and what your options are when it comes to them.

5 Warning Signs You Aren’t Ready to Buy a Home

Pretty much everyone would like to buy their own home. After all, it means lower monthly payments, no landlords, and you can (in most cases) do what you wish with the property. What more could you ask for? Unfortunately, sheer desire isn’t enough to make someone a homeowner – at least it shouldn’t be.

Pay 20 Percent Down? Maybe Not.

It’s an old wives’ tale that buyers need to put down at least 20 percent in order to purchase a home. In fact, there are several loan programs that allow you to put down just a fraction of that – as little as 3 percent of the sales price (zero in some cases!)

How the Housing Market Will Affect the Price of Your New Home

Depending on the home sales in the area you are looking to buy in, prices of homes you have your eye on may increase or decrease.


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